A Series of portraits

A Series Of Portraits-Pt 1

I am the Light, I am Love, I am Music.

A series of portraits is my portraiture series, that takes or rather invites the viewer into my personal journey within the walls of my home. In this photo series the focus is on the physical objects/material belongings that are part of who I became to be. In essence what has built my character?

I grew up in a home where music and photography was an extensively big part of my dad’s life. In density I have taken or rather came to engage with the possessions that my dad had made a part of him. This however came to build on another fraction of my character.

This photo series withholds memories that can never be erased, that murmur in the walls of my house, and the positive energies within comply and interact perfectly with my character. I am a lover of music, I am a photographer and I also have an unconventional taste in fashion; in a very subtle way that is.  All these three things are played into effect in the series.




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